Calliope’s Rules for Happiness and Other Tips to Survive Life…

This is a list I wrote March of last year. I truly love lists. I think its an OCD thing and my need for order and doing things a certain way. Like my way 🙂 You probably have read some other variation of this list, but my reason for sharing is because after years of struggling with depression, I figured out a way to remind myself how to stay happy.

Sometimes there are good days and this list seems like a piece of cake to follow. But other times, less often as of late, I have a FTW attitude, where I stay at home for days and I hate everyone just a little bit. A wee bit. I am trying to be more loving after all. 😉 We don’t always have to succumb to our darkest demons, but if you do, keep in mind these rules…

🌈Rule number one, love yourself! Be your own best friend and you’ll never be lonely!

🌈Rule number two, handle your business and depend on no one! There’s no greater feeling than accomplishing something on your own!

🌈Rule number three, never fight over a man/woman! They come and go, but your sanity stays with you forever. Protect and nurture it. If your significant other falls in love with someone else, they never truly loved you in the first place!

🌈Rule number four, have a great support system! As human beings, we’re naturally social creatures! Find someone who you can share your life experiences with and vice versa. It’s more fun getting into trouble with your best friend!

🌈Rule number five, don’t be afraid to love! Love is wonderful but it is also pain. They go hand and hand, embrace them both! It’s a rather wonderful thing!

🌈Rule number six, laugh often! Be silly, act like a big kid! Don’t take everything so seriously! Enjoy the little things!

🌈Rule number seven, let it out! If you’re sad, angry, have gas…let it out!! Keeping things bottled in is hazardous to your health!!

There will always be more rules. In this life, we learn something new everyday. So don’t limit yourself, explore the endless possibilities out there! Thanks for reading and feel free to add your own rules!!

XOXO Calliope


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